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Forever: Is It Just a Meaningless Word for Lovers?

Is ‘forever’ just a meaningless word for lovers? Although, couples would like their relationships to last forever; for many, this remains a dream-forever.

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Moving and Your Relationship

I remember it well. After having lost touch with my gal for several years we reconnected again.  It was amazing really.  We were both walking in the mall one day when suddenly we passed each other. You may think it strange that we lost touch but what I didn’t say...
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Physical Intimacy Tips: Boost Your Physical Intimacy by Exercising

Physical intimacy is essential between couples. It’s the ultimate consummation of their love for each other.

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Moving and Healthy Marriages – How To Survive

Stress in a marriage can cause what was once an excellent marriage to take a turn for the worse.  One form of stress that happens is found within the arena of moving and healthy marriages.  As of this writing my wife and I are considering a move which would...
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Infidelity Reasons: Why Do Men Cheat?

Reportedly, in the states, around 70 percent of men had cheated on their wives. On the other hand, 50-60 percent of women cheated on their husbands. Why do mean cheat? What are the infidelity reasons that they can offer as excuses? Learn the answer.

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