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Dealing with an Addicted Partner; Smart Ways to Deal with It

When you’re in a relationship with an addicted partner, you would surely have a difficult time managing your relationship. How will you do it? Here are simple methods you can apply.
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City Living Verse Country Dwellers

Some people really like the city.  Everything is so conveniently located.  Such is not the case in the country where other benefits can be realized. Try taking a hike in the words while in the city.  While this may be possible to a minor extent it is nothing like...
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Living Together before Marriage: Its Pros and Cons

Couples Living together (‘living-in’) without the ceremony of marriage are common nowadays. This arrangement no longer raises eyebrows in most countries around the world.
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How Many Kids Are in Your Quiver?

Grade school. For me it is more than a couple of days ago.  However, I still remember her compared to who knows how many kids were in the city.  She was the one that I would watch from the park till I worked up the courage to ask if I could carry her books and musical...
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The Science of Kissing and How to Kiss Applying Science

Kissing is a science. Yes, the act comes out naturally from people who love each other. The body responds appropriately, and before you know it, your reaction comes spontaneously.
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