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The 10 Commandments of Successful Relationships

Charting the 10 Commandments of Successful Relationships is a Herculean task. Nevertheless, it’s essential that couples in a relationship must have common edicts to follow.
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Double Trouble Dating Advice Revealed

Many things can happen when dating.  I’d like to think I’ve seen it all, though I seriously doubt that is the case.  However, here’s a story that I believe is extremely unique and hopefully not repeated by others. Unfolding My Double Trouble Dating Story So, I asked a...
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Online Chatting: Pointers and Courtesies

For Internet users, online chatting is one of the most popular ways of communicating. Although, it’s not a person-to-person conversation, there are still pointers and courtesies you must observe. Learn about this proper 'netiquette'.
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When Two Hearts Fight for One Lady

Her name was Mandy and she was my gal.  Or so went the story as told by me. I could see that she liked me. And I liked her. That is till the day she received those flowers.  The one’s that were not from me.  And then I found out that he received a cake from her and he...
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Dysfunctional Relationships: How to cope

Dysfunctional means malfunction, therefore, dysfunctional relationships apply to relationships where the persons involved are incapable to perform their own obligations to one another.
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